Bromley Council's Budget

Next month Bromley Council will announce its budget. Bromley Council’s staff will have the security of knowing their pay for the coming year.

Three years ago, Bromley became the first London Borough to move to local pay and conditions for its staff. Previously pay and conditions were decided by unelected and unaccountable people from afar. Locally elected Councillors took control, allowing us to reward effort and achievement.

As a result of the improved efficiency, we have been able to exceed the national award each year for high performing staff and tackle under-performance.

Bromley has led the way in introducing a fairer system for rewarding achievement. Unsurprisingly, the Labour Group on the council have opposed this move to democratic control and wrote to all members of staff urging them to reject the revised contracts. Bromley Council’s staff chose to seize the opportunities this move offered and 98% supported it!

A better service for our residents, better rewards for deserving staff and better value for money for our taxpayers. A Conservative Council working in harmony, working for Bromley.


Cllr. Graham Arthur