How to Join

Membership Of BCA And How To Join 

Beckenham Conservative Association is a voluntary organisation run entirely by local people. Our principle objective is to promote the Conservative cause and to secure the election of Conservative candidates to Parliament, the European Parliament, the Greater London Assembly and Mayor and the London Borough of Bromley. Members’ subscriptions and fundraising events are used entirely to this end.

Full Members  

Full Membership of the Conservative Party is £25 per person a year (£5 if under 23). 

Full membership entitles you to participate in all decisions taken by the Party at national, regional and local level. These include the postal ballot for the election of the Leader of the Conservative Party, the selection of Parliamentary, European, Borough Council, GLA and London Mayor Candidates and, at the AGM of the Beckenham Association, the Chairman and other officers.

  • Membership also brings the right to apply to be nominated as a candidate for Parliament, the GLA or London Borough of Bromley as an official Conservative candidate.
  • Details of all events run by the Beckenham Conservative Association and priority booking.


1. Join online now at the link on the left side of the page.


2. Complete the forms at the bottom of this page and post or email them to us at 


3. Call: 020 8658 9444 and leave a message and we will get back to you. 



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