Health Matters in Beckenham

Improving Public Health is an important concern for all of us and is a responsibly that Bromley Council takes very seriously.  The Conservative Government established Public Health England and also gave a range of responsibilities back to local authorities.

Every year a strategic needs assessment is undertaken (the JSNA) in each Borough / local authority to identify particular health concerns. This is then reviewed by the Health and Wellbeing Board. As a result of this review local priorities and actions are set.

This survey and our response is accessible on the Council website . It shows we have major problems with obesity, dementia and diabetes in the Borough and also a high level of adolescent mental health problems. Four priority action working parties were set up. These have spearheaded our work.  In the last year we have worked closely with the CCG. We have been successful in a bid to be a first wave area for the National Diabetes Prevention Programme.

In Dementia, we have seen the establishment of a new diagnostic pathway, we have held two successful carers conferences, the launch of the Brimley Dementia Alliance and seen the creation of three Dementia cafes along with a series of local initiatives and the setting up of many Dementia Friends Groups and Communities

In adolescent mental health the CCG has developed a new support programme and for Obesity we have seen a series of innovative proposals from the group lead by Councillor Angela Paige. These proposals see the Council acting as a catalyst with other partners to make a significant impact at minimal cost.

The taking of blood sample in Beckenham has raised many concerns over long waits at the Beacon after pressure from Councillor Jefferys, chairman of the HWB, a working party was established, this has made a series of recommendations and these are being put into effect.

This shows the Conservative approach and support for our NHS in action. 

In a future article we will describe the exciting work being undertaken to integrate local NHS and community care.

Councillor David Jeffreys